& Pastoral

Supporting vital

wellbeing services

Our chaplaincy and pastoral support work holds great potential for transforming lives. Acting in a supporting role, our volunteers enhance the essential work of chaplaincy services, who care for the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of people often in challenging situations.
Our chaplaincy support can take many forms, including assisting with services and small groups, providing practical support, and visiting individuals.

Become a volunteer

All our chaplaincy and pastoral support work is coordinated through local groups. If you are interested in supporting these services, the first step is to apply to be a Gita Project volunteer. Please note that for some organisations, you must also complete the organisation’s own security process, which can take time and is independent of The Gita Project’s application process. We appreciate your patience as you begin this vital service.

A free, confidential prayer service

Prayer Circle is an initiative that enables anyone within organisations such as hospitals, prisons and hospices to call a free number and leave a prayer request in a confidential voice message. Our volunteers listen to requests everyday and will pray for the caller on the day. The Prayer Circle is open to everyone, regardless of their faith. No identifying information will be passed on for prayer, unless someone’s life is in danger and they choose to identify themselves.

Letters of connection

People in prison often feel alone and cut off, and many lose contact with their loved ones outside. A simple letter may be the only communication they receive, offering vital encouragement and connection with the outside world. Our letter writing initiative, Letter Connect, helps these individuals feel valued and encouraged while in prison.

Interested in lending a hand but constrained by time, mobility, or distance? Our Letter Connect initiative could be the perfect fit for you. We only ask that you commit to writing a single letter each month. The duration of these relationships can vary greatly, from half a year to half a decade!

To get started, apply to be a Gita Project Volunteer.