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Our lives are shaped by stories – ones we tell ourselves, ones we hear – some we learn and some we feel.
The Gita Project is a charity seeking to make the story of The Gita available for all, wherever they are.

Words that inspire

stories that guide

Making space
to Learn From
ancient wisdom

The Gita Project creates connections.
Connection with ourselves, others and our surroundings. We build opportunities for exploration and meaning. We do this through workshops, chaplaincy and pastoral support, and by providing books and resources to organisations such as hospitals, prisons, care homes, schools and many more. 

The Gita is like a gift, and by making it more accessible, we can invite people to consider its insight and apply its teachings.

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Our community continues to grow from its local beginnings.
As we witness the impact so far, we also look forward to growing our community and sharing our work around the world.





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