about US

It began with a spark, a message

Throughout his life, Laku Lall had a strong spiritual understanding. It was thanks to this foundation that he showed remarkable humility, surrender and deep spiritual realisation during the last phase of his life. 

His message was a simple one: everyone should have the opportunity to be on a spiritual journey and continue on it. Clear and profound, his comment would be the beginning of an extraordinary journey and the start of The Gita Project.

Stories that
shape us

The impact of a story can be carried beyond our imagination, which is why we share the story of The Gita. Its pages offer an opportunity to be curious, to explore, and gain deeper insights and discover new meaning.

The First Steps of a incredible journey

The Gita and other wisdom texts are not typically available in public places. We knew its potential though, if only it could be seen and so we began by presenting and offering the Gita and other books to hospitals in and around London. Like any new venture, our initiation was laced with doubts and uncertainties, but we chose to persevere.
It was when we received heartfelt words of appreciation from chaplains, staff members, patients, and their families, that we gained the reassurance needed to carry on this journey. Deeply touched and emboldened by these messages, we expanded our services to reach those in need across care homes, prisons, and beyond; continuing to share wisdom, make it accessible, and present it as a choice and resource for those who wish to seek it.

Creating deeper connections

As we furthered our reach, we received requests for more than just resources. In response, we now offer in-person guidance and support from our team and volunteers, who gladly share wisdom and insight for those in need.
Today, The Gita Project is more than just a project. It’s a community that’s constantly growing, committed to sharing wisdom, promoting wellbeing and effecting change. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve and we’re just getting started.